At The Hayloft, we offer two amazing suites for your dogs to stay in.

There is the Rexington suite and the Milly Mansion.

They are totally separate, so no need to worry about a fear aggressive dog, if you have one.

Both suites are fully heated, cleaned to a very high standard, and beautifully furnished.

There are dog beds, along with sofas, blankets and everything your beloved pet could want!

As you can see from the photos, we pride ourselves on making your dogs as comfortable as our human visitors!

The Hayloft

Doggy Hotel

Our fully qualified behaviourist can conduct one to one sessions with your dog or dogs. They have already proven to be very popular, and with her background in rescue dogs, she has encountered many issues. Anything from Human Aggression to separation anxiety, Charlene has dealt with it all.

You will receive a full write up and training plan to carry on the work after you leave The Hayloft Pet services.

Our work is all based on positivity and is cruelty free, so no need to worry about your dog, they will be very well looked after.




Our resident behaviourist is on hand to help with any issues your dog may have, and look after them whilst they are in our care.

You are more than welcome to come and meet the team and see the facilities for yourself before your stay.

Your dogs will be pampered whilst with us, and will not want for anything!

With at least two walks a day in our private land, and plenty of stimulation and human contact, they may not want to come home! He he.

Our behaviourist is fully qualified with a BA Honours in DIP DOG.

Why not chat to one of our team today and see for yourself?