There are also plenty of places to walk locally, as we are truly in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside.

Below is a link to some beautiful walks that are available on your doorstep when you stay with us.

The three different pictures below each link to different websites with multiple walks on.

Although these are not exhaustive, we have compiled what we think are the best of them for you.

Obviously you are free to roam the grounds, and these back onto more footpaths for you to explore.

There are also areas that are totally enclosed for those with dogs who are not great off lead.

We are set in 4 acres of rural land, that includes fields with gorgeous views, orchards and beautiful places to explore.

Local Walks

Click on the pics below to see different walking websites. All are located nearby

The Hayloft

Mayhouse Farm




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Vegetarian Friendly

Vegan Friendly

All welcome

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