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Our one to one agility lessons are for beginner to intermediate level dogs and we specialise in dogs that need to build their confidence and/or dogs that need to learn to follow commands more consistently.

Agility is an incredibly bonding sport and a great form of mental and physical stimulation and enrichment.



Our behavioural consultations are a holistic package designed to deal with more intensive issues such as anxiety and dog or human reactivity.

Our award winning behaviourist, Charlene will work with your dog at our behavioural school in Hadley, Worcestershire for approximately 3 to 4 hours. She will run through your dog history (if known) any incidents and almost every aspect of their daily life and routine as often there are lots of interlinked and underlying issues, so her aim is to work on everything that is required to help make your dog a more balanced calmer and happier pup.

Charlene will then run through the theory of why these issues might be happening and then you'll do some practical work together with her stooge dogs and/or humans as required.

Then within a week you will be sent a written comprehensive report and step by step follow up plan to enable you to continue working on the issues together at home. This package aims to equip you with everything you need to really get your dogs emotions and behaviour back on track and it also includes two months unlimited follow up support should you require it once you have received your plan.

Charlene is a force free trainer and subscribes to the very latest scientifically proven methodologies.

For more information, prices and availability, please call Charlene on:

0777 191 4583

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Our dog hotel is an award winning boutique dog hotel with just three dog hotel rooms, fully equipped with sofa's, TV's, surround sound, central heating and more! We are situated on an arable farm set in 40 acres of private land for your dogs to safely enjoy. As a behaviourist we welcome dogs of all temperaments and it is our pleasure to care for those that need time and space to flourish.

Your dogs will have as many walks as they desire along with lots of fun mental stimulation such as agility and scent work all included in our set daily rates.

Medical issues can be catered for, as well as grooming needs and even bed time stories and cuddles!

Nothing is too much trouble for our guests!


Hourly one to one sessions designed to address a single or teo or three behavioural issues maximum such as loose lead walking, recall, toilet training, command training and separation anxiety.

NB: For more intensive issues or any dog or human reactivity please see our behavioural consultations.

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